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  The  World  Wide  VisualRoute  Server  Sites


+Beijing,  China 
+Shanghai,  China 
+Hongkong,  China 
+Taiwan,  China 


+Virginia,  USA
+Chicago,  USA
+Fresno,  USA


+Warsaw,  Poland
+London,  UK
+Bern,  Switzerland
+Milano,  Italy
+Aeezzo,  Italy
  Whole  World  Traceroute

The  Whole  World  Traceroute  provides  traceroute  functions.The  website  has  collections  of  useful  addresses

VisualRoute  Server 
VisualRoute  Server  provides  you  traceroute,  ping,  and  geographical  location  information  from  our  world  wide  VisualRoute  server  sites  to  any  URL  or  domain  you  select.  To  see  traceroutse  and  roundtrip  ping  information  to  your  system,  click  on  the  button  next  to  the  Host/URL  box.  To  see  the  information  to  another  destination,  enter  the  domain  name  (i.e.  or  an  IP  address.  For  more  detailed  information,  please  see  our  online  help.  You  can  also  view  the  VisualRoute  Server  sites  around  the  world  .
Under the license right reserved, an old version of IP database was being used by this website,Visualroute (without further upgrade). Recently, China has bought a large number of foreign IP that we may not update, so I declare the IP address data may exist errors.
The self-developed website, Chinese Traceroute is highly recommend to users for its daily IP data update.

If the page can not been showed normal, you need to install the Java Virtual Machine. Please download and install it by following link : Microsoft Java Virtual Machine   SUN Java Virtual Machine
Article : Knowledge on tracert and visualroute

    You  can  also  click  the  red  points  to  visit  any  of  servers  all  over  the  world. 

VS-Schwenningen, Germany London, UK Virginia, USA Warsaw, Poland Beijing, China Hongkong, China Taiwan, China Rotterdam,Netherlands Chicago, USA Fresno, USA Bern, Switzerland Milano, Italy Aeezzo, Italy Tunisia Cyprus Shanghai, China